We are always on the hunt for the best image quality possible. Part of that is a resolution and part of that is bit-depth for images, as well as other factors.

For the large scale prints is every megapixel counted. If we are talking about the brochure production, someone told you that for A4 print is completely enough 12 Mpx, but as soon as you need to zoom in a bit, sharpness and detail contrast will quickly go wrong.

To avoid any kind of this production topics, we’ve decided to change our camera gear into the medium format camera system from the Fujifilm brand. With the large format camera you can achieve maximum details with up to 102 Mpx. This is far away from the standard camera resolution on the market and you can see a nice example on the below image.

On the left image you can see standard image without any crop, on the right side you can see the same image with 100% zoom. Even if you want to use maximum crop on the picture, you will still get a high resolution image, which you can still use as a small detail in your brochure.

But it’s not only about the resolution, with the medium format camera you can achieve up to 16 bit of color depth, which makes a large difference in the post-production part. Sometimes we are creating quite large post-prodution and to get milions of colors more for the post-production work is very efficient and helpful. Transitions between colors are not destroyed and full spectre of the colors is clearly visible. This is especially needed for the studio work and high-contrast scenes.